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-Updated- Open and Urgent Letter to Obama February 3, 2011

Posted by aboosh in Egypt, Jan25, Obama.


Dear Mr. President,

This is your moment.

That was your moment. You blinked.

As the whole world is witnessing the tragic and disheartening events in Egypt unfold, the conscience of the world is still looking up to your leadership to take a solid stance to quill the massacre the peaceful protesters are subjected to in front of our eyes.

The protesters in Egypt have very concise and clear demands: For Mubarak and his regime to be decimated now, not in nine months; for the constitution to be changed to allow for legitimate and transparent presidential and parliamentary elections; to protect the basic rights of freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly. The Brave People of Egypt deserve the liberty, dignity and equal human rights their fellow human beings enjoy all around the world.

Mr. President,

We are clinging to the last strings of faith in your leadership. We have seen the wrath of what heavy handed policies did to this troubled region. We realize that there are enough good and level-headed people in America and all over the world that are looking for peaceful and immediate conclusion to the tragedy in Egypt. We have looked up to the moment you became the President and shed tears of joy and relief when you took the reins of reversing the unbalanced tone and policies of your predecessor. We believed and bought into your calls for that all people can stand up for their rights of freedom and to achieve their aspirations.

Mr. President, the belief in your message is now crumbling and wavering. It is being held hostage in the name of a balance of interest that sounds a déjà vu to this troubled region. We are afraid our understanding of your message was wrong and afraid that the people you have addressed before have been abandoned. We are afraid for another generation of young people to be wasted and consumed by the tyrant few, in the name of strategic interest.

Mr President, do not throw a lifeline for an autocratic totalitarianism that will cease no chance but to take revenge against the free will of the people, and to grow even deeper roots in an angry soil that has said enough already.

Mr President, this is the moment of truth. This is the moment of test. What are words if they translate to nothing. In tough times like these, actions speak louder than words.We call on you to call for Mr. Mubarak to step down now and immediately, and to return power back to the people who have long looked for it.

Dear Mr. President, the eyes in Egypt and the whole world are looking towards you, and want a moment of truth. Do not let them turn down, then turn away.


Youth of the World