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Die Young December 26, 2012

Posted by aboosh in Jordan.
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So u know the kind of imaginary ideal world I live in, which is the main cause of my disappointment & dispair, and a reason I might and will die young:

I parked my car near the heart center building at Hussein Medical City. I saw a group of people, more than 15 of them, gathered around something/someone at the end of the parking lot. I thought : “this is a hospital, I am sure they are gathered around a team of specialists, who are definitely saving someone’s life, giving him CPR”. This exact idea actually ran through my head. This idea of a rosy ideal world where everyone does their part to help the world be a better place.

When I got to the group, I found the people (including some in military uniform) gathered around a man who fell to the ground, having a seizure, bloody mouth, and no one is helping!!!! None! People standing around watching the man die, and no one doing sh*t! I was shocked! I ran to him, opened his mouth, put his head to the side and tried to stop him from swallowing his tongue or biting it. I yelled at those standing around to get an ambulance, in the middle of the f***ing Hussein Medical City!! I didn’t leave until the man gained consciousness, and had to slap him once or twice.

I was furious! And continued my walk to the heart center. One more reason to die of disappointment.


1. Majeda Qudah - December 27, 2012

Believe me I know exactly how it feels!

aboosh - December 27, 2012

It really disappointed me that I thought I live amid a community that knows its responsibilities towards each other and have some initiative. What if that was one of your relatives? would you stand by? wouldn’t you want someone to come and help? It is all disheartening!

Majeda Qudah - December 27, 2012

I agree,, totally..
We don’t need a wild imagination to know how we’r gonna act if this was one of our parents or a loved one BUT we hardly put ourselves in anyone’s shoes!
Such gatherings in Jordan are either to watch something/someone OR to fight! Wait till elections day & u’ll see by urself exactly what I mean! Alas!
The Egyptian writer ~AlManfalouti~ wrote in one of his books after his trip to France 100 years ago that:
“We’r Muslim countries without Islam while a country like France is Christian but full of Muslims for the way they live & deal with each other.”
I say what he wrote back then still apply & it’s frustrating!

2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany - December 12, 2014

Just standing there! Nowadays at least someone would be videotaping it to “share” it and get likes/RTs or whatever 😦
In 5 days I have an invigilation duty at the university I am at currently. The student has a condition, she has got epilepsy and may get a seizure during the exam (2 hour exam).
I cannot start speaking to you about the arrangements and precautions being made for this exam to run smoothly. The student shall be taking the exam in a separate room and I am informed of a lot of info to handle any situation. The location, contact numbers, support for the student’s privacy as well as not feeling inferior is just beyond imagining. I am saddened because this is not a supernatural phenomenon, we ALL need to be able to comprehend how to take care of our fellow human brother/sister and it should be without compromises.

Apologies for turning this comment into a (my) sort of thing but your story just made me compare & contrast.

2aaaaah bas! 😦

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