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Die Young December 26, 2012

Posted by aboosh in Jordan.
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So u know the kind of imaginary ideal world I live in, which is the main cause of my disappointment & dispair, and a reason I might and will die young:

I parked my car near the heart center building at Hussein Medical City. I saw a group of people, more than 15 of them, gathered around something/someone at the end of the parking lot. I thought : “this is a hospital, I am sure they are gathered around a team of specialists, who are definitely saving someone’s life, giving him CPR”. This exact idea actually ran through my head. This idea of a rosy ideal world where everyone does their part to help the world be a better place.

When I got to the group, I found the people (including some in military uniform) gathered around a man who fell to the ground, having a seizure, bloody mouth, and no one is helping!!!! None! People standing around watching the man die, and no one doing sh*t! I was shocked! I ran to him, opened his mouth, put his head to the side and tried to stop him from swallowing his tongue or biting it. I yelled at those standing around to get an ambulance, in the middle of the f***ing Hussein Medical City!! I didn’t leave until the man gained consciousness, and had to slap him once or twice.

I was furious! And continued my walk to the heart center. One more reason to die of disappointment.