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Baby Kareem: Thank You September 15, 2019

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45 days ago I was blessed with Baby Kareem. My first child, at the ripe old age of 40.
The last 45 days have been a transformation for me. A realization of what life really means. I feel he’s a true extension of me, not only in metaphorical sense. No. An actual physical embodiment of me. A feeling that truly transformed who I am.
After 40 years of reading about parenthood, after interacting with fathers, after thinking that I do “get” that feeling, I pity the writers and poets and linguists who failed to truly describe this feeling I feel now.

I pity myself for my failed attempts to describe this wholesome feeling.
A tentacle of my soul.
A smile. An eraser of the days left behind.

The first thing that I learned from being a father?

Moms are superheroes. Truly and absolutely superheroes.
Every father should bow in respect to the eternal source of energy that is #motherhood
My lowest score of every day is happy.. so ask me how happier am I.
My lowest feeling every day is lively. so ask me how livelier am I.
His cries are music to my ears, even when he’s colic and screaming at top of his voice. I stay late into the wee hours of the morning with him, until he falls asleep, because who can sleep when the angels cry. It sounds cheesy, but it is cheesy only if it wasn’t true.
You have transformed me baba Kareem.
For that, I will forever be in your debt.


1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany - September 17, 2019

Beautiful warm words 🙂

مبارك مبارك

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